Poker Software Review: GTO Trainer

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

GTO Trainer is a must-have piece of poker software for any mid to high stakes player. It’s simplicity and speed are its greatest assets; however, the potentially high cost and the slightly incomplete dataset could be a reason to wait.



  • ​Easy To Use

  • High Accuracy

  • Incredible Speed

  • Simple Data-Set

  • Real World Player Pool Adjustments

  • Useful Training Tool

  • Great Support Team

  • ​3bet pot sample is incomplete as of writing

  • Potentially High Price Tag

  • Training Tool doesn’t save data

  • Access to HU sims is an add-on

  • UI is rough around the edges

GTO Trainer is an in-browser poker solver offering access to 100,000’s of solved poker situations for the user. Poker solvers are complex and advanced calculators that crunch numbers and determine optimal strategies. Solvers calculate the expected value (EV) of a situation- how much money you can expect to make following the strategy over time. Good solvers are more accurate, and GTO Trainer was built using PIOSolver at its core with the help of several high-stakes professional poker players to further improve accuracy.

How Much Does GTO Trainer Cost?

Pricing plans for GTO Trainer depend on which solutions you want access too. This helps to fit your chosen discipline and current skill-level. The simulations are split into tournament packages and then cash packages. You can’t currently get a discount for buying both cash and tournaments together, but GTOTrainer offer discounts when buying quarterly or annually.

Tournament simulations start free, but access is limited to a few preflop scenarios. All flops are available for free, unlike competitor trials; however, the stack-sizes and positions are limited. From there you’ll be paying $49-$349 per month. I’m not a tournament player so don’t use the tournament simulations often at all, from the limited use I have had with the tournament simulations I would say that the $99/month set of simulations is the sweet spot. If you and a friend are serious about poker, then it may be worth splitting the £349 package.

Cash solution pricing is much easier to explain. You pay a flat fee to access the 6max solutions at $149 per month and then $50 on top to access the 6max and HU sims. As with tournaments, this pricing comes down when you purchase the package in bulk.

GTO Trainer is a web-based solution, meaning you are paying for access rather than software. This is incredibly convenient, you can access the data on your phone, tablet etc… I’ve used GTO trainer many times to check plays I was unsure of when on a break from the live table on my phone.

User Interface