Cash Poker: 10 Tips to Improve Your Game

There are several things you should be doing both on and off the table to get ahead of the competition. Here are my top 10 cash poker tips to help you improve at poker, faster.

  1. Range Charts

  2. Preflop Bet Sizings

  3. Basic Math

  4. Overbetting

  5. Calling with Draws

  6. Slow Playing

  7. 3betting and 4betting

  8. Stop Losses

  9. Cbet Sizing

  10. Take a Break


Range Charts

If you’re not using range charts, you’re missing out. Having a solid preflop range is one of the foundations of playing profitable poker. You can download our Range Charts here. Your mistakes in poker magnify the further you go through the hand, it’s a snowball effect. If you keep finding yourself in situations with poor 2nd and 3rd pairs or weak draws, the chances are you don’t have a solid preflop strategy. You could also be losing too much cash from the Blinds due to a poor big-blind defence strategy.

One of the best ways to increase the chance that you will win in poker, is to play hands higher chances of winning than your opponent. We also need to have a wide, balanced range of hands to maximise profit regardless of the flop, turn or river. The solution is to use range charts to your advantage.

Bet Sizings Preflop

Like your preflop ranges, the sizings that you choose to make your preflop raises have big ramifications for the rest of the hand. There are a few reasons that we as professionals choose specific raise sizings preflop, the two main ones are Pot-Odds and Pot Geometry:

Pot Odds

Every time you make a bet at the poker table, you are giving your opponents and mathematical equation, the pot odds calculation. If you raise by a small sizing, you decrease the frequency that your opponent must win the pot to be profitable. In other words, you give them better odds. You also want to make your opponents fold preflop. Generating folds makes opponents ranges more predictable and denies them of equity. You get to win 100% of the time without paying rake when our opponents fold. You also get to take advantage of Pot Geometry by selecting the best sizings possible.

Pot Geometry

There is a concept in poker called “pot geometry”, which essentially means how a pot grows and changes over the course of a hand. Because all bet sizing is based on the size of the pot, when you raise by a smaller amount than recommended, you limit the total amount of cash you can extract from your opponent. Similarly, if you bet too large, especially with a wide range, you increase the risk that you lose too much capitol. It’s all about getting the perfect balance between the pot-odds you give your opponent and the ability to get all the money in (stack off) should you wish. You also them must mitigate the risk that if you do have to fold in the hand, you’ve not invested too much into the pot.