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Free preflop poker range charts for you to use in poker cash games. You can download these high level free charts to help beginner players

FREE Preflop Poker Cash Game Range Charts

Only winning players study range charts.

2nl to 25nl Poker Range Charts

Range charts for 6-max cash games are important for your success in poker. If you are not playing the correct hands preflop then you will be losing money. Many players have preflop leaks.


These are the preflop poker range charts Jacob Topley gives to all students when they start. They are basic, simple, and easy to read. They make your game straight forward after the flop, and maximise preflop success. 


Download now for free! 


In poker, a stronger range will always beat a weaker range when there is no difference in skill. Thus it is vital that you are using a great preflop strategy. Solid Post Flop Players will always have a Rock Solid Preflop Range. 

One of the easiest ways to make money in online poker is to have a great 3bet and 4betting strategy. Many of the free preflop range charts that you will find online do not include this information. Our coaches can't teach great postflop stratgey when you are playing wrong preflop. It's difficult as a coach to comment on a hand that you should not be playing in the first place. 


In 80% of consultation sessions I have, there are significant preflop strategy errors. Don't be one of those players! Download high quality preflop range charts today and see an improvement immediately. 


We have been adapting and developing these range charts for the past few years. When you use these to study and stick to them, they remove the need to use random number generators (RNG). We also ensure that they are easy and simple to use.


These Preflop Range Charts remove the RNG of some competitors charts. We sacrifice some balance and board coverage for your benefit. A student will remember what they should be doing at any given point in a hand. These charts also allow our students to improve their understanding of ranges post-flop. This is only possible with preflop simplifications. 


These charts are not 100% balanced or optimal for game theory. They provide a great starting point for any player who wants to improve their ability. They allow a student to enter GTO way of thinking. By using these unique charts, you will be more comfortable with your entire poker range. We end confusion that comes with several competitor charts. Plus, these charts are free!


Once you learn more about the game, you will want to start using some true GTO range chart. We don't recommend using these charts at any stake past 25nl.

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