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What Our Customers Are Saying: Testimonials from PokerCoaching.Online

What do the students who have had coaching via PokerCoaching.Online have to say about the process and their coach?

Poker Coaching UK: Reviews

"Jacob is a great coach who is not only very knowledgeable of GTO strategies but also of live exploitative play. As someone who started poker by playing microstakes online, I always struggled to do well in live games. After working with Jacob for a few coaching sessions, my live track record went through some very big upswings and I even managed to reach a final table in a tournament of 200 players. I definitely recommend Jacob to anyone looking to win in live poker or improve their overall poker game."

Daniel M

"Great Coach. Very friendly and capable"

Silas S.

"I've had a great experience working with Jacob on my NLH game. He was able to quickly locate and help plug leaks in my game after just a couple sessions, and I have continued to improve as our sessions have continued. Especially for players grinding it out in lower stakes, this is a very worthwhile investment. He is able to provide great perspective from both an exploitative as well as solver backed GTO strategies. I would definitely recommend signing up for a few sessions to anyone looking to quickly make a jump at the poker table."

Sam G.

"I couldn't recommend Jacob any higher. his patience and understanding when asked difficult questions was really encouraging. I think his insight and thoroughness could benefit all levels, whether teaching beginners or helping established players keep on top of their game."

Cameron G.

Student Review of a Poker Database Analysis by Jacob Topley

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"Jacob is an excellent teacher: His knowledge of the game is undoubted, as is his love and enthusiasm for it. The lessons are bursting with valuable information and tools to improve your game. I've also found Jacob happily goes the extra mile, checking-in between lessons and creating bespoke content depending on your needs. I would highly recommend him as a poker coach."

Adam C.

"THIS GUY IS THEEEEEE GUY! Very professional very patient. Showed me charts of opening hands for each positions...great discussion around variance and bet sizes. Use him if you want to make money!"


Comprehensive Poker Database Analysis Done By PokerCoaching.Online

"At the start, I was a little bit worried, for example, if you sent me only 2 pages with just "you play bad from small blind" or something like that. Because this was my first experience with coaching or database analysis and I didn't know what to expect. But you give me exactly what I was looking for, robust almost 30-page detailed analysis with examples and definition on spots where I am solid where I have small leaks. Most importantly where I have big leaks and where I am totally not gto and absurdly face up. I cannot say how you can improve because we weren't working on something together, but you give me direction, and showed me spots which I should study. Which is in my situation more valuable. So, thank you."


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