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Tournament Coach: John Bradley AKA WhatA298

$2,500,000+ in Online Tournament Winnings

500+ Hours Coaching Experience  



10+ Years of Playing Experience

Adjustment and Mindset Master

Play on GG Poker

John plays almost exclusively on GG, one of the softest sites with best rake back for tournament poker players. Deposit $500 on GG to join our Exclusive Poker Academy on Discord


John Bradley AKA WhatA284

I have been playing poker professionally for the last 14 years. I've been making a steady income playing 6-max cash games and MTTs. I regularly play in cash games up to 1000NL and MTTs with buy-ins of up to $5,000. Alongside this I also have great knowledge of grinding lower stakes tournaments

In my playing experience, I've put in volume on many different sites. This gives me great knowledge of the industry as a whole. I use my experience to help you achieve your goals, regardless of the site or stake.


I have developed a deep and well founded understanding of players and populations. I explain the psychological reasons why players make certain actions and what you must do to exploit these tendencies.

I have incredible skill in the mental game of poker and bankroll management. I understand the meta-skills required to turn poker into a solid long-term career. As a family man I also know how best to balance poker with other aspects of life.

  • I’ve played over 10 million hands of online poker.

  • I’ve played over 25,000 Multi-table Tournaments (MTT's) with an average buy-in of $85 USD.

  • I'm ranked in the top 250 for tournament winnings on

  • My biggest online scores are $99k- 2nd in the PokerStars Sunday Million. $65k- 2nd in the APL Trophy. $65k- 2nd in the Super Tuesday. $63k- 1st in Winter Series 106-H. $62k- 2nd in Winter Series 102-M

Check out my Pocket Fives Profile.

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I started playing poker in 2007. By utilising training sites and some 1-to-1 coaching, I found myself with a bankroll. I was supporting myself through 6-max cash. I was a law student, but when the time came to start my solicitor training, I instead decided to instead go "all-in" on poker.


I continued improving my own game through more training sites and extensive ‘lab work’ with any training software I could find. As games got harder, I got better- poker was now supporting me in travelling the world and starting a family.


The games continued to get tougher but I continued studying. Through dedication, software based study, and also with the help of a NLH trainer I started to improve my game. My trainer helped me to discover my mental blocks, I began to understand the importance of psychology in poker.


Through my playing experience I have had several upswings and downswings. Each time I went through one of these swings, I learned more about about myself, my game, and poker as a whole. I gained a deeper understanding and acceptance of variance. I learnt the mindset and psychology behind of all the different player types. Most important, I learnt how to achieve a sustainable long-term income from poker. 


As I progressed through my career, I started playing more tournament poker. This is now my main game. Tournament poker helped me grow further as a player.  There are more variables in tournaments, and in my opinion there is more longevity in them. I still enjoy playing both forms of Hold'em, but where possible I prefer to play within the tournament world.


John Bradley Tournament Coahing Price Guide

My Philosophy

Who and How I Coach

John Bradley PocketFives

I take great pride and enjoyment guiding others to success in their poker careers. I want to support you in any way that I can – your goals become my goals. My coaching experience has taught me each player needs something different from their coach. It's my job to find out what will be the most effective and efficient for you.

It's important for me to understand your current poker ability and what ambitions you have. In our first session I'll give you an assessment on the following:

  • bankroll management;

  • which poker content to consume;

  • which sites to play on;

  • how to use your time effectively.

From there we can make an action plan together. I will also share all the relevant material to help you in between sessions. Future meetings will include:

  • Database and hand history analysis using Holdem Manager and Equilab;

  • Population analysis using Holdem Manager;

  • Strategy formation using Flopzilla and Charts from my own collection;

  • Live play or recorded sessions;

  • Discussion of non-strategic and mental aspects of poker.

If traditional coaching is not what you are looking for, I also have two other options that will benefit you:

Analytical Report – You will send me your hand histories, I will write a report on your game. In the report, I outline your ‘leaks’ and aspects of your game which need some work;


Video Review – You send me a recording of yourself playing poker, I will create a video discussing issues arising in the video and areas that you can improve;


Skype AMA – I will answer any questions you have and respond to any hand history queries as you send them via email, Skype, or any other messaging service. (Discounted rate upon request).

With my advice, support, and training, and with some hard work from you, no goal is out of reach!

Whether you are:

  • A beginner who wants to build their game from the ground up.

  • A more experienced player who wants to make a living from poker.

  • A professional who wants to increase their earning potential.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your goals!


Book John Bradley as your poker coach today. 

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