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Jacob Topley Playing Poker in Europe.HEIC

Poker Coaching: Jacob Topley AKA Toppers1020

1000's of hours coaching experience

Winrate of over 10bb/100 hands



GTO and Exploitative playing style

10,000's of hours playing experience

Mr Topley is available on request

Play on PokerKing

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Jacob Topley AKA Toppers1020

I'm Jacob, the founder of The great thing about working with me as your coach is my ability to tailor advice to you. I put time and effort into ensuring that the subjects we study are relevant to your skill level. This means your improvement will be quicker when I am your coach.


I have a strong passion for coaching and seeing my students improve. I always ensure that you are grasping concepts and understanding the theory.

Jacob Topley Poker Coach UK Boxing for Charity

POKER COACHING: What is a Consultation?

A poker consultation ($100) is a chance for you to have your game looked at by a pro. This is a form of video analysis that lets me see into your mindset and abilities.


You send in footage of you playing online, I analyse and review it. This indicates to us where in your current game you are falling short. I'll tell you where it is most effective for you to spend your study time. 

I'll send you a comprehensive document with time-stamps for each hand that you played. I show you what you did wrong in the hand, and some basic theory about the situation. I'll also explain what the most profitable strategy would have been. Following this with the specific poker subject you should be studying.

What are you waiting for?


I specialise in helping any player crush live and online cash. If you feel your progress has stopped, I am the perfect solution for you.


GTO Trainer Affiliate for Jacob Topley

I am a GTO Trainer affiliate coach. I use GTO Trainer to improve my game and coaching services. You can now get discounted access by following the link below.


"Watch a great discussion between Jacob and a Cash Game Student. Jacob analyses the betting decision from Alex on and Ace High Board . This Coaching Highlight series shows off Jacobs coaching skill and ability. Jacob can articulating poker strategy and simplifying solver strategies. You get to learn from a poker professional for some free coaching advice! The hand breakdown lasts over 20 minutes, but we can't show all the good stuff! Jacob and his Student discuss the intricacies of continuation betting, and why we can no longer play aggressive poker like we could in the 2010's."

PokerCoaching.Online : Jacob Topley Lesson Pricing

Price List

Ready to start?



You send me a video of you playing poker and I analyse the footage. This give you great feedback in what you're doing and what you should improve on. 


Hourly Rate

The rate for one hours one-to-one poker coaching with founder and expert Jacob Topley


What do my students think?

very good coach, good knowledge, helped me to fix my postflop understanding! :)

- Mahdeet

Great Service! I got just what I was looking for in meeting a knowledgeable and friendly poker coach who I really believe can help my game in any area. Would recommend to others.

Ben S.

Great Coach. Very friendly and capable

Silias S.

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