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Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Do you do group discounts?

I have yet to do tailored coaching sessions for a group of 2 or more students. However, this is something I would be able to accommodate

Do you do Coaching for Profit? (CFP)

Not at this time. It would never be profitable for me to offer CFP on an individual basis. Even if you are already a breakeven or slightly winning player a discount that I could offer would be so small, something like 10%. I would essential only offer CFP to those who don't need much help, that I knew personally/ had been working with for some time and that I trusted. That is to guarantee ROI and mitigate financial risk.

It sounds appealing as you are getting the coach (me) to invest in the student (you), the theory being that this makes me take more care in providing you great advice that genuinely works.

You must understand, I rely on word of mouth, my results and my reputation as a coach to succeed. I already put maximal effort into coaching my pupils so all CFP does for me is provide a huge financial risk and very little gain.

It would be unfair to force you to carry all the risk, without having worked with me before you may buy a session and not find it worth your time. $45 gone. Therefore I offset the financial risk that you take when starting coaching with me by offering taster/ introductory sessions. My wager is that by showing you my skill and ability you will then decide to continue working with me.

Can I invest in your bankroll/ can you play with mine?

Absolutely not. Part of being a pro is that I already have a strong and well managed bankroll. I already play and am rolled for the highest stakes that I'm profitable in so would not benefit from a cash injection. I would actually lose money if you wanted to invest.

What stakes do you play?

For income, I currently play online: 50nl zoom, I'm looking to break into 100nlz. Due to Covid-19 I have no longer been playing live poker. I played the highest stake available in my local area, 100nl.

My current focus is studying and grinding the microstakes. My students play at stakes lower than 25nl and I am developing a course tailored for GTO in tougher online player-pools (PokerStars Europe zoom mostly)

What's your win-rate?

My combined win-rate for stakes of 16nl and below is 10.5bb/100 hands. My 2nl zoom win-rate was around 20bb/100 hands

Do you play tournaments?

Haha, I occasionally do yes- I started as a small stakes live tournament player! I wouldn't say my tournament skill level is good enough to play professionally and certainly not good enough to coach. I enjoy tournaments and think they're fun, but I play knowing I'm not the most profitable.

Can you coach me to play tournaments?

I'm happy to teach you the rules, very basic theory and strategy regarding tournaments. I would not be happy coaching you to play them in the same way I do with cash poker, i.e at a high level. This is because I don't play tournaments and am not well versed in the intricate tournament theory, such as ICM or changing table dynamics based on the blinds.

Can you consult on my project?

I have done this before with multiple companies/clients. From writing specific, poker based articles or web-pages to helping develop applications. Feel free to contact me with your specific requirements.

I live in America, can I still have coaching?

No problem at all! I offer coaching to students internationally. Over 50% of my clients are outside of the UK.  I have clients in: Australia, the USA, Europe and even China.

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