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FREE Preflop Poker Tournament Range Charts

Only winning players study range charts.

The BEST Free RFI Tournament Charts

Range charts for 6-max cash games are important for your success in poker. If you are not playing the correct hands preflop then you will be losing money. Many players have preflop leaks.


These are the preflop poker range charts John Bradley recommends to his students. They are basic, simple, and easy to read. They make your game easy to follow so you can focus on what to do after the flop.


Download for FREE now! 


In poker, a stronger range will always beat a weaker range when there is no difference in skill. In tournaments it's also vital that you steal chips preflop (and then preserve them post-flop). It's hard to preserve your chips post-flop if you're throwing them away preflop!

One of the easiest ways to be successful in a tournament is to make sure you play with the best hands. Our coaches can't teach great postflop stratgey when you are playing wrong preflop. It's difficult as a coach to comment on a hand that you should not be playing in the first place. 


Don't be one of the players who hurts their chances of running deep! Download high quality preflop range charts today and see an improvement immediately. 


John Bradley has been using these charts to amass over $1,000,000 in lifetime tournament earnings. When you use these to study and play, your game will improve. Preflop mistakes amplify post flop and over the long run, a strong range beats a weak range when there is no difference in skill.


These Preflop Tournament RFI Range Charts remove the RNG of some competitors charts. We sacrifice some balance and board coverage for your benefit. These charts also allow our students to improve their understanding of ranges post-flop. This is only possible with preflop simplifications. 


These charts are not 100% balanced or optimal for game theory. They provide a great starting point for any player who wants to improve their ability. They allow a student to enter GTO way of thinking. By using these unique charts, you will be more comfortable with your entire poker range. We end confusion that comes with several competitor charts. Plus, these charts are free!


Once you learn more about the game, you will want to learn how to 3bet and 4bet effectively to. In the mean time, these free GTO tournament ranges should ensure you aren't leaking any chips right at the start of your career.

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