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Poker Database Analysis

Your Leaks Located


How do you do a Database Analysis?

To conduct a Database Analysis, you must first send in your hand history to one of our coaches. From there the coach will spend hours and hours pouring over the data. They don't just look at the statistics, they look at why your statistics are out of line and what parts of the game you are making incorrect decisions in. The coach will find anything from incorrect bet sizings, incorrect betting frequencies, and so on. From preflop to 4bet pots, you are guaranteed a thorough report of your playing ability.

DB analysis poker done for a cash game student playing on PokerStars

Comprehensive Analysis


Thorough, and

Not Just Statistics

Our team of coaches at PokerCoaching.Online take care to put maximal effort into the projects. They take time to complete. Remember that every leak they find in your game adds up in the long term.


We recommend getting a DB analysis if you are a slightly losing player or a break-even player. 

Most projects run over 4000 words and are referenced with hands taken from your database alongside poker solver solutions to the situations.

If you're not interested in having one-to-one sessions and would rather have our coaches look through your playing history to find your leaks, a Poker Database Analysis could be for you.  

All of the coaches here at PokerCoaching.Online are more than happy to have a look over your database, hand history or tournament history to uncover the mistakes that you're making. Depending on where you are in your playing career, a database analysis session could be more valuable to you than traditional face to face coaching.

"Different players want different things from their analysis, a comprehensive full database analysis of 10k hands takes around 7-10 hours to complete where I write over 4000 words. I take care to go over not only your statistics, but how you go about playing different situations to accurately highlight the specific areas that you should focus on."- Jacob Topley AKA Toppers1020

If you're interested in having one of our coaches take a look at your database, get in touch and we can discuss your specific requirements!