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Poker Coaching: Dan Jackson AKA ThenISawHerFace

$100,000+ in Live Tournament Cashes

International Playing Experience

Online ROI of over 120%

1000's of Live Cash Hours Logged



Dan is not accepting new students at this time.

Why I'm The Poker Coach For You

Dan Jackson AKA ThenISawHerFace

Hi, I’m Dan Jackson – a well-seasoned poker player who has accumulated thousands upon thousands of hands in both tournament poker as well as cash poker. Through poker I have been privileged enough to play all over Europe in a variety of stakes from 20000nl cash games to $5000 buy-in tournaments. What sets me apart from other poker coaches is that I come from an educational background teaching Computer Science. I understand the importance of my student’s being able to retain the knowledge that they acquire in each session; so that they can apply this directly in-game. My main focus as a coach is to tailor my offering to your specific skill level. By being adaptable and ensuring each session is relevant to your own learning experience, I can provide coaching that will excel your understanding of the game to progress you through the stakes of NLH. The understanding and passion that I have for the game, alongside my constant drive for improvement, is what makes me a great coach - I look forward to accelerating your poker ability too.

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Who do I coach?

I specialise in helping new and existing players excel at live cash poker and  Tournament Poker. If you are struggling in tournaments or can't beat the live cash player pools, I'm the coach for you!

My coaching is aimed at Live Cash and Tournament Hold'em Players.

Price List

Ready to start?


30 Minute Taster Lesson

Ideal for you to get to know me better before you commit to one of my other packages.
We can discuss the theory of any situation you'd like, or you can send in 3-4 hands for us to go over


Hourly Rate

The base rate.
You're not only paying for the hour we spend together. I also spend time before the session preparing, reviewing your hands and creating a tailored lesson plan to you.


5 Hour Discount

That's $53 per hour instead of $55!


10 Hour Bulk Discount

$51 per hour, my best deal!

Please note: All payments are subject to a 5% transaction fee if paying via PayPal and a 2.5% fee when paying via  My Booking Site


Dan is not accepting new students at this time.