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Poker Coaching: Dan Jackson AKA ThenISawHerFace

$100,000+ in Live Tournament Cashes

International Playing Experience



Online ROI of over 120%

1000's of Live Cash Hours Logged


Play on America's Cardroom

Dan plays on ACR, one of the best sites for American Poker Players. They have some of the softest tournament poker. Deposit $500 on ACR to join our Exclusive Poker Academy on Discord


Dan Jackson AKA ThenISawHerFace

Hi, I’m Dan Jackson, a well-seasoned poker veteran. I've accumulated millions of hands in both tournament poker and cash games. I have played all over Europe in a variety of stakes from 20,000nl cash games to $5000 buy-in tournaments.


What sets me apart from other poker coaches is that I come from an educational background. I used to teach Computer Science. I understand my student’s must keep the knowledge that they get in each session; so that they can apply this in-game. My main focus as a coach is to tailor my offering to your specific skill level. I am adaptable and ensure each session is relevant to your own learning experience. My coaching that will excel your understanding of poker.


I will help you progress you through the stakes of NLH. The understanding and passion that I have for the game, alongside my constant drive for improvement, is what makes me a great coach. I look forward to accelerating your poker ability too.

Dan Jackson at a poker table at Kings Casino


I specialise in helping new and existing players excel at live cash poker and  Tournament Poker. If you are struggling in tournaments or can't beat the live cash player pools, I'm the coach for you!

My coaching is aimed at Live Cash and Tournament Hold'em Players.


Book Dan Jackson as your poker coach today. 

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