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We've been creating some great free poker content on YouTube for you to enjoy. You'll find the two series that Jacob Topley AKA Toppers1020 is working on at the moment detailed below in some more detail. You can also catch some exclusive coaching videos on our YouTube channel. In the meantime make sure you check out and subscribe to YouTube so that you don't miss one of these great strategy videos.

Explain As You Go

I’m Jacob Topley, a.k.a Toppers1020, a professional poker player and coach from the UK. This video shows off my style and approach when playing poker online.


Explain As You Go is a series where I help you get better at poker by using examples from my own play in real time then analysing the interesting situations. You can listen to a pro player breakdown every spot, not just cherrypicked or well played hands. You’ll find many interesting situations in the videos, tackling 3betting, playing multiway, floating when in position and more.


Listen as I explain what goes into a winning poker players mentality in the heat of the moment, what areas of the game I am prioritising and where you can pick up some great tips and tricks to crush your own game. Today’s session has been played on partypokers fast fold poker where the stake is $25 (25nl).


I decided to start the series at this level as I know that it is one that many students who come to me for coaching are stuck on. I then analyse my game at the end of the session with the help of and their brilliant solver tool. The highlight hand for me this session was a strange situation with KTs in a 3bet pot after initially calling an open. This left me with a strange range in a spot that you don’t get to play too often. We see that in terms of GTO my play was probably not great, although still likely winning in the long run against the player we came up against and the player pool in general.


Recently, I've come to understand that the level of player who needs free coaching is playing at the 2nl level. I play a highly simplified form of poker when playing 2nl zoom that you can use if you are just starting out or want to improve. Take the time to listen to what I say and my justifications for making certain decisions. If you are a new poker player or a returning one, this is free coaching advice that you don't want to miss.