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About PokerCoaching.Online

What is and how can we help you?

Poker Coaching Online connects you with one of our world class poker professionals. We provide private, 1-to-1 poker coaching. Student satisfaction is our number 1 priority. We take great care to ensure you get all that you need to increase your win-rates and crush your opposition.​


PokerCoaching.Online also provides free and useful content. We aim to help you in your poker career whatever your budget or skill-level. 


PokerCoaching.Online was set up by Jacob Topley AKA Toppers1020 in 2021. Jacob is a successful poker player, coach and writer from the UK.


This website was set up to promote Jacob's coaching services. As Jacob doesn't play tournament poker, he decided bring on another coach for this. Offering coaching and content for the most popular form of poker builds a better community. 


Since hiring a new coach, we realised we need more. There are several large scale projects in the works designed to help every poker player of all skill levels learn and grow.



At PokerCoaching.Online we aim to help nurture, guide and teach anyone who wants to learn poker. If you are a new player, or seasoned professional: We have you covered. 


All our poker coaches are at the top of their game. This ensures they provide you with the best, highest quality poker coaching and strategy content available.



We also want to make poker coaching more mainstream, entertaining, and sociable. Poker is no longer an underground game played by outlaws, it's evolving and changing. As a source of entertainment, poker is up there as one of the most thrilling games that you can play. That's why we aim to make all our content not only informative but also the most entertaining that it can be.​


What are you waiting for?! Join the community and get in touch with your poker coach today! 

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